Theragun Pro

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PRO is scientifically calibrated to reach 60% deeper into muscle (at 40 times per second) than average massagers for greater therapeutic benefits for your body. Its reinforced drive train withstands additional force without diluting speed or treatment quality.

The Theragun uses repetitive strokes into muscle 16 mm deep, 40 times a second - 60% deeper than vibration massagers - to stimulate circulation, generate heat, and release your deepest tension.

What's in the Box:

Travel Case:

2x Lithium-ion Batteries | Attachment Pouch | Lithium-ion Battery Charger


Dampener: Tender areas or near bones
Supersoft attachment: Overall use
Wedge: For scraping, shoulder blades, or IT bands
Thumb: Lower back and trigger point therapy
Cone: Pinpoint muscle treatment