Body First Advance Calcium Supplement for Men & Women | Vitamin D3 & K2-7 | 60 Tablets

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Harvested from the most pristine range of marine minerals, BodyFirst Advance Calcium helps strengthen the bones, supports flexibility and helps provide cushioning to the joints. Calcium is required to build and maintain strong bones. It also contributes to the smooth functioning of heart, muscles and nerves. This unique product is formulated with Vitamin D3 and Magnesium which helps promote the absorption and delivery of Calcium to the bone. Manganese aids in bone development and maintenance. When combined with Calcium, it supports bone mineral density. Vitamin K2-7 helps improve bone density and reduces the risk of bone fractures.

How to Consume: Two tablets daily | Best time to consume: Post meal

Ingredients: Aquamin Calcium, Carrier (INS 460 (i)), Aquamin Magnesium, Binder (Sodium starch glycolate), Coating material (Emulsifier (INS 464)), Synthetic Color (INS 171) Humectant (INS 1518), Synthetic Color (INS 104), Glazing agent (INS 553(iii)), Synthetic Color (INS 172 (iii)), Anti-sticking agent (Magnesium stearate), Vitamin K2 [MK-7), Anti-caking agent (INS 551), Vitamin D3, Manganese (as Manganese sulphate)

Expiry: November 2024

About the Brand: BodyFirst Wellness Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. is a science based health supplements, wellness essentials, sports nutrition and personal health group. BodyFirst is an Indian brand catering to the needs of the consumer demographics with a home grown line of products using only the finest ingredients sourced from the best global suppliers across India, Japan, Malaysia, France, Ireland and the USA. It is driven by the principle of providing World Class, Clean, Safe, Certified and Qualified products.

Country of Origin: India