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Introducing the ultimate recovery tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts - COLD RUSH the Portable Ice Bath! This durable and insulated container allows for easy and convenient cold therapy at home or on-the-go. Fill with ice and water for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience, proven to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation.

You get a FREE anti-skid mat + an inflatable top lid to cover your ice bath when not in use.

What's In My Box?

1 x COLD RUSH ice bath with inflatable Top Ring & Drain Pipe
1 x Protective Lid 
6 x Durable Support Legs
1 x Hand Pump
1 x Drain Hose / Faucet
2 X Transparent Puncher Repair Patches
1 X Anti-Skid Mat
1 X Seal Ring
1 X Plastic Bracket

DIMENSIONS: Diameter 80cm Height 70cm

UNIT SPECS: Terylene | Pearl Cotton | PVC

Capacity 270 (lt.)
Empty 3.5 kg
Full 250 kg
Suitable for height upto 6'7"

1. Insert the six support legs into the six holes around the base of your COLD RUSH

2. Ensure the feet are at the bottom and fully supported on a stable surface.

3. Using the hand pump provided in your COLD RUSH box inflate the 'Top Ring' and      'Protective Lid'.

4. The hand pump should be fully inserted into the valve and pump until the ring is smooth. Seal the valve using the safety cap once inflated.

5. Ensure the base drain valve is sealed and tight before filling with water.

6. To empty your COLD RUSH, use the external drain tap with the included hose to empty the water into a nearby sink or drain.

7. Once assembled, you can begin to fill with cold water until roughly 15 cm (six inches) below the underside of the top ring.


1. Before using your COLD RUSH for the first time, wash with warm soapy water, rinse and wipe down with a clean dry cloth.

2. Never clean your COLD RUSH with a strong bleach-based detergents, as this may degrade the materials and waterproof seals.

3. To empty your COLD RUSH, use the drain tap with the included hose to empty into a nearby sink or drain. Do not force the drain tap and make sure turn it's in a closed position after use. Clean it regularly.

4. Though not essential, to ensure a long service life and for hygiene purposes, we recommend draining, cleaning and drying your Cold Rush every 2 to 3 weeks.

5. Your COLD RUSH can be filled with cold or hot water up to 50°C. Always start filling with room temperature water, adjusting to your desired temperature as it gets closer to full.

6. Never fill more than 2⁄3 full to compensate for your body mass and displacement of water when you enter. It's always best to start 1⁄2 full and adjust afterwards.



Country of Origin: China